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Monetary Donations

The Penticton Soupateria operates totally by volunteers and, since it has no government funding, it relies solely on donations from the community. Some people send an annual charitable donation or donate as they are able, while others have made bequests to the Soupateria in their estate planning.

The Soupateria provides tax receipts for all monetary donations that are accompanied by the donors’ names and addresses. Monetary donations may be made:

  • at the Soupateria, 150 Orchard Avenue, Penticton, B. C.
  • at St. Saviours Church mailbox located next to the Soupateria
  • by Canada Post, at 150 Orchard Avenue, Penticton, B. C. V2A 1X8
  • online using – trusted by Canadians since the year 2000
  • online using our PayPal’s, safe, and secure donation system

Food Donations

Donations of produce or commercially prepared food are also accepted if they are commercially salable, that is, not past a “best before” date or stale, or in the case of produce, of poor quality. Tax law state that receipts can only be issued if these donations are accompanied by an invoice showing fair market value. Other avenues of donations can come in the form of items such as kitchen equipment, landscaping, and other miscellaneous items.