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One of the great privileges of running a small business is being able to give generously to community organizations and charitable causes that matter to you. Every day, small business owners share their success by giving money, products, volunteer hours and charitable outreach efforts to good causes in their communities.

Nonprofits and charities are constantly looking for funding to help accomplish their goals, and giving to these organizations is not only a good thing to do – it can also deliver big benefits to your business. For example, many restaurants set aside special occasions to feed the homeless or those less fortunate for free – not only is this a wonderful, generous act of kindness that is core to these restaurant owners’ missions, but it’s also providing excellent publicity for the restaurants by showing the community that these restaurant owners really care about the less fortunate.

By supporting a charity, your business is spreading the word about your values and intentions, and helping you get introduced to new customers who are involved with the nonprofits organization.

How do you know which charity to support? How can you get the most mileage out of your charitable donation – both in terms of the charity’s positive impact, as well as the value of the partnership and publicity for your business?

The Penticton Community Soupateria is a good start to get involved. The Soupateria is a not for profit society that depends exclusively on donations and volunteers.

Below you will see a list of corporate logos of small and large businesses from our local community who are not only donating merchandise weekly, but also their employee’s and management book a day for a few hours through the year to personally prepare foods with our volunteer co-ordinator’s to serve to our clients.

If this sounds like a good fit for you and or your business and you would like to make a donation or donate time through volunteering at the Soupateria soup kitchen, please contact us.

1848 Main St Unit 150
Penticton, BC V2A 5H3

200 – 19933 88 Avenue
Langley, BC V2Y 4K5

1770 Main St #103
Penticton, BC V2A 5G8

2111 Main St.
Penticton, BC V2A 6W6

2469 South Main St.
Penticton, BC V2A 5J1

390 Main Street, 2nd Floor
Penticton, B.C. V2A 5C3